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Employees are digging deeper and deeper into their own pockets to pay for company and professional training and further education The proportion of companies that invest in further training for their employees has largely fallen. A very exciting article on this topic https://orf.at/stories/3267412/ We at RelaxTax are also seeing this more and more frequently among our customers, with more and more costs for professional and company training being deducted from tax as so-called income-related expenses in tax equalization. In addition, we are receiving more and more non-binding inquiries as to whether or which costs can be deducted from taxes in the context of training, further education and training - with the addition that employers, but also the AMS, do not support the costs for this. In order to check the tax deductibility of training and further education or retraining in advance, we at RelaxTax recommend that you ask yourself 3 questions in advance:

  • - Am I doing an apprenticeship? That would be educational measures for future professional practice or expansion in connection with my current profession

  • - Am I doing a training course? That would be for improving the knowledge for my current job

  • - Career Change? These would be measures for a new job that is not related to my previous job or field

If you can estimate that the costs can generally be deducted from taxes, the question remains which costs - these can be the course fee, costs for documents (books, literature, etc.), work equipment (e.g. pro rata PC costs, headset etc.), travel costs from home to the course location, daily allowances, accommodation/hotel costs and much more.

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