Is using RelaxTax worth it?
The Real-Life-Example Series from RelaxTax

Doing the 2022 tax return with RelaxTax was worth it for Mr A. (name changed from editorial team)!

A. has been working in Austria since 2021 and lives here with his wife, they have no children. His wife hasn't been able to start work yet because she doesn't have a work permit, but she does have a residence permit. In this case, the Austrian social insurance stipulates that A. has to pay health insurance for his wife with the ÖGK, the so-called co-insurance for dependents spouses (if you have no children).

For this he paid a total of around €1,000 in contributions in 2022. These compulsory contributions are tax deductible - of course A. didn't know that! Without this, A. would have received an income tax credit of €117 from differences in payroll accounting. In the course of using the RelaxTax app, A. found out that he can deduct these compulsory insurance contributions for tax purposes. After preparing the 2022 tax equalization with RelaxTax, he received an additional wage tax credit of €359 from the tax office in addition to the €117.

This real-life example shows the added value of RelaxTax, because you can intuitively learn about the individual tax deduction options. Although we are all subject to the same tax laws in Austria, the tax situation of each individual is different. You don't have to know everything about income tax, you should however seek a reliable partner - RelaxTax wants to be exactly this reliable and trustworthy partner for your annual tax return!

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