The RelaxTax User Survey 2022
We asked you

Survey with 1000 selected people who have already used RelaxTax for their tax equalization.

We wanted to know from RelaxTax users why they decided to do their tax equalization with the RelaxTax app. For this we asked 1000 active "RelaxTaxers" and we would like to share the most common answers*:

  • I've never done a tax return because I don't know my way around

  • I'm from the Netherlands and I don't speak German. I like that RelaxTax is also available in English

  • I have always waited for the application-free employee tax assessment (AANV), but after I had done my tax equalization with RelaxTax, I received the money in April and not in October as usual

  • I became a father last year and didn't know how to apply for the family bonus plus in the complicated forms. It was easy in the app, just click on the child's information and a field - and you got Family Bonus Plus

  • I received a request from the tax office to do my tax equalization within 2 weeks, I don't know why, at least I started to panic. I just contacted RelaxTax and asked if they could help me. I got an answer the same day and it was explained to me why. In less than 20 minutes I have done my tax return with the app

  • Up to now I have always made up my balance with the paper forms - it was complicated and took a long time - digitally with the app it was much faster

  • I lost my access data for FINON and didn't know how to get new ones. With RelaxTax, all I needed was an email address and my tax number

  • I was skeptical at first, but after I saw that RelaxTax is a company recognized by the WKO (with a trade license), I trusted them - everything worked out perfectly and they earned my trust

  • Felt like I was being offered a service here so the €36.00 fee didn't bother me. Services are now paid for

  • I lived and worked in Austria a few years ago - didn't know that I could also do a tax return retroactively for 5 years - it was worth it, got a few hundred euros back I didn't know there was a child support tax credit

  • I thought it was cool that the fee can be deducted from taxes again - return on investment 😉

  • I used to work in Germany and used a tax app there before. It's cool that this is now also available in Austria.

  • I didn't know my tax number. I asked RelaxTax and got the answer the next day

We would like to thank you all for participating. We received 665 answers from 1,000 "RelaxTaxers" who were questioned.

*Evaluation was based on the qualitative content analysis according to Mayring

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