Refund of €410 and €437 in 2020 & 2021 for Richard
The Real-Life-Example Series from RelaxTax

We don't want to confuse you with complicated tax laws, guidelines. Instead, we want to bring you closer to real examples from our customers on a regular basis and show you why there was a wage tax credit.

Richard works as a salesman in a large Austrian retail chain. The branch is in a very rural area and the public transport connections are not such that you can travel to the various services at work on a daily basis. He therefore has to commute by car every day, even though the distance is only 5 kilometers. He also took a two-part online course on "Increasing customer satisfaction in stationary retail" at his own expense - the first module in 2020, which cost €350.00, and the 2nd module in 2021, also for €350.00.

He's heard before that professional training can be deducted from taxes, but didn't know how to do it. Richard downloaded the RelaxTax app and, with the help of his virtual tax buddies, relaxed on the sofa and talked about his professional/tax situation. The tax buddy Karl Heinz specifically asked him about professional training, because he had done one himself. Karl Heinz Richard also asked about the distance between work and home and how often he commutes and whether he can always use public transport.

Richard also did his tax equalization for 2020 and 2021 with RelaxTax and 2 weeks later he received the tax assessments from the tax office and a total of € 847.00 was transferred.

How come?

Well very simple. Richard knew that you can deduct the training costs, but didn't know how and where and he simply told the tax buddy in the RelaxTax app. It also turned out that he is entitled to the commuter allowance and the commuter euro, even though he lives only 5 kilometers from work, simply because he can't always use public transport to get to work due to working hours. He always thought: It's not that far, I'm sure I won't get it. Wrong, and with the help of RelaxTax he got that too.


If he had somehow done the tax equalization himself, he would probably only have deducted the training costs from his taxes, but would probably not have found out that he was also entitled to the commuter lump sum - so the tax credit was all the higher!

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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