Tax credit of €852 for apprentice Veronika in 2021
The Real-Life-Example Series from RelaxTax

We don't want to confuse you with complicated tax laws, guidelines. Instead, we want to bring you closer to real examples from our customers on a regular basis and show you why there was a wage tax credit.

Verinonika has been an apprentice (mechanic) in a renowned workshop since 2020. For the year 2020, the tax office automatically sent her a tax credit in November 2021 (employee assessment without application). Veronika thought that she should then get a credit for 2021 - but she didn't want to wait so long until she automatically gets it from the tax office, because she has holiday plans for the summer and she already has this money really well before then could need.

She found out on the Internet how to do a tax equalization. That's why she quickly came across the RelaxTax app. Downloaded the app, made a RelaxTax ID with her email address, intuitively discussed her situation with the help of tax buddy Karl Heinz and created the tax equalization. RelaxTax sent the tax equalization to the tax office on the same day (March 17, 2022) and informed Mrs. V that she could expect a credit of € 852.00. A week later, the tax office sent her the tax assessment and had exactly this amount transferred to his account. Then the summer vacation can come with an improved vacation budget.

How come?

Your taxable income as an apprentice was simply below the tax-free limit of €11,000.00. Therefore, she gets the employee tax credit and 20% of her paid social security contributions (so-called negative tax) credited back.


If you actively do your tax equalization with the help of RelaxTax, you will have the tax credit in your account many months earlier - we think it's a lot more fun, and so does Veronika.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


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