Tax Return 2022 – wait or take action?
Take matters in your own hand

You have your tax equalization in your own hands - or rather on your smartphone! Together with your reliable partner RelaxTax, who goes the so-called "extra mile" for you, you take care of your tax equalization.

For several years, the tax office has been offering the application-free employee tax assessment (AANV), i.e. automatic tax return - sounds good at first glance. On the basis of available data (annual wage slip, church contribution, donations, additional purchase insurance periods), which the tax office receives from the various offices, it is calculated whether there will be a tax refund or not. But they only do this step by step starting in September u

ntil the end of the year. So if you should get a credit, you wait several months for it - but is this really the best way?

Definitely not - how should the tax office know that you have many other deductible options? For example commuter allowance, costs for education, training or further education, home office costs or that you are the sole breadwinner/single parent and want to apply for the family bonus for your child/children, and so on.

If you submit a tax equalization to the tax office yourself, you usually have to expect a processing time of 1 month - i.e. if you do your tax equalization yourself in February 2023, there is a very good chance that you will receive your tax assessment and your wage tax credit as early as March 2023 , and not only in autumn 2023.

Who doesn't prefer to have a few hundred euros in their account many months earlier, especially in times like these?

Trust RelaxTax as your reliable partner for your tax equalization! We have the experience and know exactly what is important.

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